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  • Train Your Brain To Let Go Of Habits



    Here are some ways to retrain your brain:


    Identify the habit. 


    Identifying the habit you would like to change is the first step. If your motivation and the intention to change is high, your brain will be forced to create new neural connections, which will lead to a new positive habit.



    Be aware of the consequences of that habit


    How do you feel, what are your thoughts, and where does this habit lead you in your life? Awareness is the key.


    Shift your focus.


    This is very important. To create a new neural pathway, you take the focus off the old habit and replace it with a new one you enjoy. Joy is the key word here.





    To build new, strong, long-lasting neural connections and new positive habits, you need to use your imagination. Visualize yourself as that person without that negative habit, successful, beautiful, self-confident, healthy, and energized—whatever you want to be! By repeating the visualization, you will reinforce the new neural connections.



    Break the pattern.


    When an old habit or an old thought comes up into your mind, be mindful and interrupt the process. You have created those pathways, so you can break them as well.



    Have a plan.


    It’s easier to create new pathways when you have a step by step action plan. For example, you would like to lose your negative thought habit; you need to know how to replace them. Shifting your focus onto something pleasurable for you or taking a walk on the beach may calm you down. Affirmations work very well in these situations.






    Don’t be afraid of meditation. It may sound holistic, but it is a proven method to create new neural connections in your brain. It calms your brain, body, and mind down. In addition, meditation helps you get in contact with your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is able to process 40 bits/second and your subconscious mind processes 40 million bits/second! Just think about that. By meditating, you open up access to your subconscious mind and this gives you the feeling of access to your higher self. Your intuition and other answers to your questions can be found while meditating.




    Everything is possible.


    Remember, you have once maybe unconsciously created those pathways. This means that it is possible to create new ones and replace the old ones. As long as you stay focused on your goal, keeping that motivation high and keeping your intentions strong, nothing will be impossible for your mind!

    Keep in mind, recent study has shown, a new strong and rooted habit is formed only after 66 days of practice!


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